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Do you know how to win at slots machine? What's your slot dream? I guess I know the only right answer to this question. A dream of any slot gambler is three sevens which get lined up on the screen of the slot - is that true? No doubt that I am right. I am a slot player myself and I know what it takes to win and lose slot. Basically, any person's slot experience is determined by one of these two factors. If you are luck and win slot frequently, then you say that slot machines help people to make money and realize their gambling potential. If you aren't that good at playing slot - then it's all vice versa which is rather natural.
No decent strategy or theory can be applied to slot gambling. The only advice which can be found useful is - don't play slot when you are in a bad mood. Otherwise your winning odds go down. Keep that in mind and approach slot when in the highest spirits possible. Good luck - win slot on the net, too! It's just as exciting! ;-)

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