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It's high time to check out roulette and roulette odds. Speaking of them, I can't but mention that roulette is a very special game and no mathematical theory can be applied to it with the purpose of calculating the odds properly. Besides the notorious probability theory.
Many people consider that they can win roulette betting on the same number over and over again? Have you ever heard of such a roulette strategy? Or may be you know some other roulette tricks which are supposed to bring you luck and millions of bucks? It's not that simple as it seems, otherwise we would all have become very rich people by now. But things aren't that bad at all.
We have our intuition - that's the most powerful tool helping to win roulette. Roulette is based on guessing. The player is supposed to guess the number on the roulette wheel, where the roulette ball will land. That's what roulette is all about...
Read about brand new methods of developing your intuition - follow our roulette articles and succeed in all gambling beginnings and roulette in particular. Enjoy it on the net and play for free or real money!

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